Dr. Mohamed Sobhi 

One of the experts in developing and marketing of cosmoceuticals and supplements, Founder of MACRO Group Pharmaceuticals, Octipharma UAE and CIRA Pharma group Egypt All specialized in producing and promoting pharmaceuticals, cosmoceuticals and food supplements.

Earned Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences Tanta University 1993, Mohamed Sobhi launched a community-based pharmacy chain under his name from 1993 to 2007.

He also had several collaborations with small sized cosmoceuticals and personal care manufacturing companies in terms of research and development for formulations upgrade.

Macro group for Pharmaceuticals was his next step at 2002 with a capital investment below 20,000 $ back then.

Later on achieving a huge success in the Egyptian , Arab and African market with sales volume approaching 500 million EGP at 2020.

Currently he is founding CIRA Pharma group with its administrative office in Nasr city – Cairo along with the CIRA factory in Badr city – Cairo expected to open for business by 2021.

The factory is founded with the highest Quality Standards as for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

The factory entails several sections such as (production section, quality control sections , R&D sections, marketing section, import and export section).

The Beginning

He grew up in an Egyptian delta city, he then enrolled in government education, acquired high school degree and enrolled in the faculty of pharmacy at Tanta University, where he received a bachelor of pharmacy in 1993.

Since joining college, he dreamed of establishing a company specialized in producing medical products and achieving the global reach for an Egyptian based company, he worked hard to achieve this dream until he was able with his partner to establish MACRO Group in 2002, which specialized in the manufacturing of medical cosmetics for skin care, hair care, woman & child health, oral care in addition to products addressing the field of plastic surgery & disinfectants, the products were exported to the Arab and African countries.

Later on he also acquired Octipharma Medical Cosmetics Company in the United Arab Emirates.
In 2020, he founded CIRA Pharma Group for manufacturing and importation of medical cosmetics, as well as supplements and medical supplies in cooperation with the most reputable Italian and Polish manufacturers in this field as well as locals, in addition to registering several private labels in the European Union, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

The History & Future

Since Mohammed Sobhi and his partner established Macro Group Pharmaceuticals in 2002, Dr. Sobhi has contributed significantly to the growth and diversification of the company’s activity to become one of the largest and most diversified private sector companies in its field in Egypt, bringing the total number of products to more than 100 products according to Egyptian and International Quality Standards bringing the total number of employees in various departments to 900 employees carrying out internal distribution to more than 40,000 pharmacies in addition to hospitals, government and private clinics in the Egyptian market and exported to about 21 countries.

Currently he is working on the establishment of CIRA Pharma Group, which is expected to join the first row of medical cosmetics manufacturers and importers in Egypt during 2022, in which Dr. Sobhi was interested in embellishing the managerial structure of the company with the best Egyptian calibers to realize the aforementioned expectations.

Former positions
  • Owner of The Pharmacy Group Dr. Mohammed Sobhi.
  • Partner and founder of MACRO Group  Medical Cosmetics.
  • President and owner of Octipharma Cosmetics, Personal Care and Supplements in the UAE.
  • President, founder and owner of CIRA Pharma Group for Medical Cosmetics, Medical Supplies, and Supplements.

Currently working solely on the establishment of CIRA Pharma (a family business )