Medical Cosmeceuticals - First Article
Since the dawn of time; in primitive communities and in the jungle, man has tried throughout history to treat his diseases and select his medicines from herbs and other sources and over the years
Medical Cosmeceuticals - Second Article
Cosmeceuticals : A recent term that appeared in 1961 and was first launched by chemist (Raymond Reed), founding member of the American Society of Aesthetic Chemists, describing a new section of preparations that lies between topical medicines and cosmetics
Medical Cosmeceuticals - Third Article
The cosmetics industry in general and cosmeceuticals one, in particular, is one of the most dependent sectors on scientific research and continuous development, this sector always resorts to extrapolating the opinion of consumers
The city of medicine or as labelled as the (GYPTO Pharma) is a specialized hub in manufacturing various medicines and vaccines, occupying an area of a total one hundred and eighty thousand square meters.
GYPTO PHARMA - The Plan & Governance
The Egyptian pharmaceutical sector currently includes an overall one hundred and fifty three factories with seven hundred different production lines, marking a total number of seventeen thousand registered products
GYPTO PHARMA - Moving towards export
The total trade volume of the internal market of medicine in Egypt is about hundred and twenty five billion pounds, of which ninety billions are through the private sector and thirty five billions are through government tenders.