By: Dr. Mohamed Sobhi

First Article: The Vision

The dream of establishing a gigantic industrial medicinal hub has been always a desire that the Egyptian state sought after for a while ago, as the Egyptian state commenced on founding & building the basis for such concept seven years ago, of a hub that is to be built on the foundations of quality and efficient management, until we have reached the time eventually for the execution of this concept, it is a decision that is consistent and parallel with too many unprecedented efforts exerted towards the different sectors for the time being at Egypt, that befits both its great heritage and people.

President. Abdelfattah Al-Sisi has made the decision for establishing this venture, and the work took place in the past three years, until the first phase of the medicinal city was opened on the 1st of April 2021, a launch that was attended by Mr. President himself and other senior statesmen, hinting an unmistakable sign emphasizing the importance of this national project, that the state have sought after for long ago as in order to possess modern technological and industrial capabilities in such vital field.

The city of medicine or as labelled as the (GYPTO Pharma) is a specialized hub in manufacturing various medicines and vaccines, occupying an area of a total one hundred and eighty thousand square meters in Khankah, Qalyubiyah north of Cairo, thus making it is the largest pharmaceutical hub in Egypt & MENA.

The Egyptian state’s vision was to establish a national pharmaceutical entity that operates per the global standards towards achieving various strategic aims including:

First aim: Enabling the Egyptian citizen to access safe and efficient medicine, that is compliant with different international standards & good manufacturing practices (GMP) with an affordable price.

Second aim: Achieving sufficiency of supply and therefore enhancing the state’s strategic pharmaceutical safety, and preventing the monopolistic practices.

Third aim: Establishing a regional and an international hub for the pharmaceutical industry, therefore attracting the mega pharmaceutical companies to invest further in Egypt, especially in the strategic & essential medicinal products.

Fourth aim: Bolstering Egypt’s investments in this sector, and unlocking huge potentials as for the exports, therefore supporting the Egyptian the economy and reducing the pharmaceutical imports.

Fifth aim: Keeping up with the world’s technological pace in the pharmaceutical sector, mainly in the specialized strategic & essential products.

Sixth aim: Spreading the proper the pharmaceutical awareness across the Egyptians, and therefore curbing the misuse of medicines.

Seventh aim: Turning focus into the manufacturing of critical forms of medicines, aimed to counter such widespread chronic diseases in Egypt for ex. (Blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney diseases, brain diseases, nerves, antibiotic and hormones), not to mention that “GYPTO Pharma” would enable Egypt as well to enroll in the field of developing and producing vaccines.

Eighth aim: Allowing Egypt to foster new pharmaceutical industries, such as the raw materials , and to expand into the manufacturing of oncological drugs, as these are the two main mandates issued by Mr. President to those in charge of implementing this project since its inception.

The recent pandemic crisis of COVID-19 has proven that the countries that recover from it firstly are the ones with the first and foremost scientific progress in research and manufacturing, especially in the fields of vaccines, and perhaps this confirms that the vision in establishing the medicine city was insightful and timely.

The execution of the “GYPTO PHARMA” takes place in two phases:

The first stage: Consisting of two parts, with a total size of one hundred and twenty thousand square meters:-

first part: Includes non-sterile medicines of a solid and non-solid forms, as well as liquid forms with a total number of ten production lines spread across thirty three thousand square meters of land.

second part: Includes the sterile production halls, consisting of five production lines, fully equipped with the most advanced tech in co-operation with big pharmaceutical companies in Europe, USA and South Korea, the first stage is also inclusive to a seven thousand square meters of warehouses with an overall height of fifteen meters built as per the highest standards, as well as five administrative buildings.

the second stage: Occupies sixty thousand square meters, dedicated for the production of the oncological medicinal forms, hormones and antibiotics.

It is projected that the medicine city would consist of a total number of one hundred and sixty production lines, producing the various pharmaceutical forms of medicine, these lines have a projected production capability of one hundred and fifty million packages annually.  
In addition to the fact, that a ten thousand square meters of land were designated to build an electricity supply station with a total capacity of fifty mega volt amber, meeting the city’s entire demand of energy demand.